A new blog for our daughter

A bit nerdy maybe - I've created a new blog for our daughter. Maybe I'll reclaim this one for myself, who knows?



Hooray it's a . . .

So there's a geeky little webcomic I read and apparently the author is going through the same thing we are. This sums up not only our results but roughly the same thoughts for me . . .

Real Life Comics 2011-03-11


Flex those muscles Junior

So color me wrong when I said the next exciting thing was the ultrasound in a few more weeks. I was up at my usual early time on Sunday, knocking around the house and playing more Plants vs. Zombies. When the dogs start whining at the bedroom door, that usually means Zuleika is awake and I go to let them in. She's sitting up in bed and has been for a bit, apparently. For the first time, she said, she can feel the baby move around. Interesting, eh?


16 Weeks and 4 Visits Later

This past Thursday Zuleika and I trekked back to the Doctor's office for the 16 week check-up. This marks the fourth trip to the office, third since the ultrasound pictures were posted.

Visit #2 was with the Nurse practitioner (or maybe it was a Physician Assistant) who went through a laundry list of background questions and some did-you-know type trivia along the way.

Visit #3 was the first visit with Doctor Priddy which was fairly similar to visit #2 - less about background and more about current challenges.

Visit #4 was roughly a combination of Visit #3 and #4. It was with the PA but against mostly around current state of affairs. Each of these visits whoever is in the room has trotted out the electronic stethoscope (I'm sure there's a technical name for it, but it looks like an ultrasound wand hooked up to a 1980's era speakerbox). 160 beats per minute this time around.

The next visit, roughly a month from now, is probably the most exciting. She'll get another ultrasound (and by the way, isn't the 3-D view the coolest use of technology?).