16 Weeks and 4 Visits Later

This past Thursday Zuleika and I trekked back to the Doctor's office for the 16 week check-up. This marks the fourth trip to the office, third since the ultrasound pictures were posted.

Visit #2 was with the Nurse practitioner (or maybe it was a Physician Assistant) who went through a laundry list of background questions and some did-you-know type trivia along the way.

Visit #3 was the first visit with Doctor Priddy which was fairly similar to visit #2 - less about background and more about current challenges.

Visit #4 was roughly a combination of Visit #3 and #4. It was with the PA but against mostly around current state of affairs. Each of these visits whoever is in the room has trotted out the electronic stethoscope (I'm sure there's a technical name for it, but it looks like an ultrasound wand hooked up to a 1980's era speakerbox). 160 beats per minute this time around.

The next visit, roughly a month from now, is probably the most exciting. She'll get another ultrasound (and by the way, isn't the 3-D view the coolest use of technology?).